Deputation Missionaries:

If you are interested in contacting us to set up a meeting to present your work, you may send your information packet via email to:

[email protected]

Or by regular post to:

Calvary Baptist Church

Attn: Missions

2775 Montague Ave Ext

Greenwood SC  29649

If you have further questions, you may call us at (864) 229-6553

Listed below are the missionaries, mission board home offices & ministries we currently support through Faith Promise giving & prayer:

Alford, Jerry – Cities & Jungles of Maracay, Venezuela

Ammons, Chester & Phyllis-Northern Maine & Eastern Canada

Austin, Kyle & Amanda - Collegians for Christ

Banfe, Peter & Sherrie - Burma

Bloom, Kason & Bethany - Ecuador

Broadstreet, Rodney & Sherry – Ontario, Canada

Brown, Dustin & Ashley - Church planting in Turkey

Name Withheld - West Africa

Butkevich, Nancy – Russia

Name Withheld - Indonesia

Denisi, Peter & Nenita – Philippines

Dobbins, Jeff & KIm - Fruitful Hill Boys Home, Upstate SC

Dunsford, Ricky & Judy – Rock of Ages Ministries Coordinator

Name Withheld – West Africa

Edwards, Mark & Sherri - Brazil

Fanning, Steve & Darlene – La Paz, Brazil

Farris, Mike & Kim– Missionary to Military Chaplains

Ford, Robert (Bob) & Marie – Bearing Precious Seed Ministry (Bible distribution)

Frey, Allan & Diane – Lima, Peru

Fried, Daniel & Rebecca – Missionary to the Jewish People

Greene, Steve & Debbie– Full time Missionary Chaplin

Hailey, Jesse & Melanie –  South Dakota

Name Withheld– West Africa

Name Withheld– Colombia, South America

Henderson, Ron & Vicki - Native Americans, NW/SW USA

Holland, Todd & Jodi - Missionary to Artic Canada

Howard, Bill - Missionary to Arizona

Hughes, Carroll & Jan- American Indians in Arizona

Johnson, Richard & Maggie - New York City

Name Withheld- Mexico

King, Jason & Ashley - Argentina

Kinoshita, Nathan & Ruth - Tokyo, Japan

Lane, Rodney & Amanda - New Mexico

Lawson, Brian & Jessica - Brazil

Lawrence, Isaac & Paula - Romania

Mandeville, Michael & Barbara - Missionary to Jewish people of NC/SC

Manley, Ben & Chelsea - Albania

McCormick, Ray & Robin - Arizona

Name Withheld - Central & Latin America

Moore, Gary - Senior Director Gospel Preachers Assoc.

Morris, Clayton & Vickie - Brasov, Romania

Mullinax, Robbie & Jan- The Bible Team – Distributes Bibles

Mullins, Roger - Western Coordinator – Singing, bldg. & helping Pastors

Name Withheld - Guadalajara, Mexico

Murray, Chris & Amy- Philippines

Nichols, Bob & Naomi- Brazil, Church Planting & Training Natives

Nunes, Milton & Sharon- Brazil

Nutt, Steven - Relief for Military Chaplin’s

Patenaude, Bob & June- Missionary to non-Spanish speaking people of Pacific region

Perrine, Barbara - Translation work with Bibles International

Name Withheld - Kazakhstan

Ribeiros, Ron & Rachel - Goiania, Brazil

Riley, Roger & Cheryl - Phillipines

Rose, Jimmy & Nancy- Brazil

Rose, Matthew & Rebecca - Kenya, East Africa

Rose, Terrill & Adrianna- Brazil

Rosko, Bruce & Sue - Serving US Military in South Korea

Roth, David - Prison Ministry – Revival Team – Discipleship

Sampson, Billy & June - Evangelism ministry

Shepard, Plato & Ann- Establishing Churches in the Midwest USA

Smith, Robert & Kathy - Non-Spanish So.American Field director in Brazil

Spear, Alexander & Kristen- Puerto Rico

Name Withheld - Mexico

Stanley, Justin & Jessica - Australia’s Northern Territory

Name Withheld - Church planting in China

Name Withheld- Church planting and discipleship in Mexico

Vaughn, Charles & Peggy- Brazil

Name Withheld - Jalisco,  Mexico

Waldrop, Bill & Carolyn- Laredo, Texas

Waye, Chris & Sherry - London, UK

Name Withheld - China

Name Withheld – Chinese for Christ International

Name Withheld- Guatemala, Central America

Zwingels, Jon & Laria- Russia & Former Soviet Union

Baptist International Missions Inc. Home Office

Christian Law Association

Faith Home

Fellowship Tract League

Macedonia World Baptist Missions Home Office

Maranatha Baptist Missions Home Office

Rock of Ages Prison Ministries Home Office

Tabernacle Children’s Home

The Gospel Preacher’s Association Home Office